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Fall 2023 Must Haves

Hi friends! Welcome back! If you've been following along on this blog for a while you know that, much like most fashion girls, fall is my absolute favorite season for fashion. If you're new here, well, now you know. I feel the most alive style-wise during the fall months because there are so many more opportunities to play with fashion when you can add layers. Also, and most importantly, I can go back to wearing jeans all the time, which is all I care to wear honestly. Let's face it, this is basically a denim styling blog if I'm being completely honest with myself and I'm more than okay with that.

Anyway, last year, around this time, I created my first "fall trends" guide and I had a lot of fun with it so I decided to do the same this year with a little twist. Instead of just listing the trends I love, I feel like it would be more useful for you guys if I also include links to items that I love as well. I've made the mistake in the past of waiting until mid-September to start shopping for fall and by then everything I want is already sold out. This year, I've learned my lesson and started purchasing items I REALLY want now. So, this guide will be a mixture of items I've recently purchased and some that are still on my wish list. This will be less about trends, per se, and more about timeless pieces I think every girl should have in their closet to take them through the fall and even winter months. There will definitely be some trends sprinkled in, of course, but it just won't be solely trend-based like last year's post. Okay, I've rambled enough. Let's get into it!

Okay first up is sweaters:

Believe it or not, (and I know how silly this sounds) I just got back into wearing and loving sweaters last year. I went through a long period of relying solely on blazers and tees/turtlenecks to get me through the cooler months. For whatever reason I just was not into sweaters at all for a while. Something changed last year and I became obsessed with them again. So, what types of sweaters am I planning on wearing? Definitely oversized sweaters and cardigans, but also some fitted cardigans like the one I'm wearing here.

Next...jackets/trench coats:

I personally feel like no outfit is complete in the cooler months without a super stylish coat. Think about when you're out apple picking on a crisp fall day where it's a little chilly so you need a light jacket. You'll probably end up keeping your jacket on the whole time so you want to make sure the jacket is stylish enough to stand on its own in case you take pictures and the rest of your outfit is hidden. These are the kinds of things that keep me up at night when I'm planning outfits. I'm normal, I promise.

On to blazers:

You guys know I LIVE in oversized blazers all fall and winter. I wear them on their own in the fall and then in the winter I'll wear them as a layering piece under an oversized long wool coat. I haven't made any blazer purchases for this fall yet because my blazer collection is already out of hand as it is, but I'll link some of the ones I have that are still in stock plus some new ones that I'm loving and might possibly purchase.

Let's talk about shoes/sneakers/boots:

If I'm being honest, shoes are probably my least favorite topic. For me, shoes are definitely essential to putting an outfit together, but it's always the last thing I think about when I'm mentally planning a look. Shoes just don't really excite me the way clothes do so I usually end up asking for them for Christmas or my birthday because I never feel like spending my own money on them. That being said, there are some shoes/boots that I absolutely love for fall. I've even purchased a couple of them myself.

Last, but certainly not least...JEANS!

I just had to save the best for last. The only bottoms I care to wear in the fall/winter are jeans. I never feel as confident in any other bottom as I do in a pair of jeans so why fight it? Normally I'm a light wash denim type of girl, even in the cooler months. Recently, I've been gravitating towards more medium/dark washes for the fall. I purchased a pair of Levi's 501 Original jeans in a medium wash recently and they are perfect! I'll link those ,as well as some other jeans I recommend/have my eye on!

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