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Same, But Different

"The tranquility that comes when you stop caring what they say. Or think, or do. Only what you do" - Marcus Aurelius

Hi guys! Welcome back! I'm assuming most of us ladies that grew up on the Disney Channel in the early 2000's can't forget this infamous quote: "Lizzy McGuire, you are an outfit repeater!"The shame. The pure and utter embarrassment. So let's talk about outfit repeating. We are all guilty of it because most of us do not have the funds to wear a brand new outfit every single day. Also, sometimes you just love an outfit and want to wear it over and over again. Whatever the reason, everyone does it and yet there is still a sense of discomfort when it comes you wearing an outfit that people have already seen us in. Why? Personally, I blame Kate Sanders for traumatizing all of us preteens with that stressful quote.

So let's get into my thought process for this week's look. I remembered I had a brown faux fur coat that I haven't worn yet this season so I knew I wanted to wear that. Then came the actual outfit. I've been obsessed with the brown and black combo this season so I decided to wear all black underneath. Then I found myself wanting to wear the same exact outfit I wore with the trench coat look a couple weeks ago but I felt uneasy about it. Even though I have definitely "outfit repeated" plenty of times in my life, I have never done it on my blog. I had this ridiculous and irrational fear of everyone gossiping about how I already wore this outfit when in reality, who cares? So I did it. I put on the same outfit and I'm glad I did because I love how it turned out. So moral of this story? Wear that outfit again sis. Wear it 3 days in a row if you want to. As long as it's clean and you're happy in it, that is literally all that matters. All outfit details are listed below. Until next time, tootles sugar plums! Xoxo.

Outfit Deetz:

Coat: Banana Republic (old, but here is a similar option)

Turtleneck: Uniqlo

Jeans: Abercrombie

Boots: Zara (super old but here is a similar pair)

Sunglasses: Mango (sold out but here is a similar pair)

Beanie: Amazon

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