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No White After Labor Day?

Welcome back lovies! I hope everyone had an awesome Labor Day Weekend. We spent ours relaxing, binging Cobra Kai on Netflix (obsessed), and hanging out with family (still socially distanced of course). They say that Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer and also the end of wearing white. I say pish posh! Well, not about the end of summer part because summer can kindly exit left, but the end of white clothing? I strongly disagree. While white is meant to keep you “cool” (not really), the color itself doesn’t have to be exclusive to warmer weather. People have been wearing white tops all year round since the beginning of time so why is that acceptable if white dresses/pants/skirts are not? Wear what you want to wear loves. There are no rules in fashion.

Okay so it was technically the Saturday before Labor Day when I wore this outfit, but the message still stands. Today is officially the day after Labor Day and if I had anywhere to go I would totally be wearing white pants. Maybe. Look, we’ve been over this. I don’t wear white bottoms often as a personal preference because I can’t not spill stuff on them. It has nothing to do with Labor Day. If I could manage to not have butter fingers I would definitely wear them more often. All it takes is one tiny wine spill and now your entire outfit is ruined. Anyway, I created this look for the purpose of showing how to style white pants after Labor Day and with the weird transitioning weather. This is another blazer I bought in the spring but never got a chance to wear. We had a total of about 5 days of spring before it became too hot to wear anything. I also found this jacket a little hard to style because I may have bought it a wee bit too oversized. I feel like I made it work with this look though *pats back*. I styled it with my favorite white Everlane jeans, an old crop top, the coolest sandals from Zara, and of course the usual accessories. All outfit links (or similar) are listed below! Until next time, tootles sugar plums! Xoxo

Outfit Deetz:

Blazer: Asos

Top: Super old and I have no idea where it's from but here is a similar option

Jeans: Everlane

Sandals: Zara

Belt: Asos

Necklace: Nastygal (sold out but this one is really similar)

Sunglasses: Amazon

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