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Social Distancing in Style: Part 3 of?

Welcome back mis amigos! I know it's only Wednesday, but this is the first week that I have felt somewhat hopeful since this whole mess began. Much like most of the world, I have been struggling a lot with the uncertainty of it all. When can we safely go out to restaurants and bars again? When can we see & hug our families again? Will I be able to go the beach/boardwalk this summer? The beach/boardwalk is my absolute favorite place to be in the summer and, at the risk of sounding overly dramatic, the thought of not being able to enjoy it is unbearable to say the least. Anyway, as I was saying...for the first time since lockdown started, I am feeling a little more at peace mentally. I even started doing workouts when I wake up which is a big deal because I do NOT work out. Like at all. I'm successfully on day 3 now so watch out world!

I bought this cute little shorts set from one of my new favorite brands called Storets. They have such fun, unique pieces at a pretty affordable cost. I came across this brand, much like I come across every other brand, on Instagram. My explore page has been flooded with amazing items from this store, so I recently gave in to this adorable set that I saw on an influencer. It was just my luck that the store was having a one day sale when I decided to buy it so I jumped right on it. This set is perfect because it's insanely comfy for lounging on the couch all day but also equally cute for a chill day outdoors. The sweatshirt has a cool built in t-shirt layer at the bottom which is my favorite part. I styled it with my old school Reeboks and felt like I was going to play tennis at a country club. All direct outfit links will be listed below. See you sugar plums next time. Stay home and stay safe! xoxo

Outfit Deetz:

Sweatshirt: Storets

Shorts: Storets

Jacket: Zara (sold out and I unfortunately can't find anything even remotely similar :( )

Sneakers: Reebok

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