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All Black Everything

Welcome back everyone! Isn't it funny how you can plan to have a really chill weekend after a long week and somehow that almost never happens? All of a sudden you blink, it's Sunday at 8pm and you realize you have no idea what you even did all weekend. Crazy! Anyway, enough of that. This post is going to be about the color black and my love/hate relationship with it.

So I’m sure you guys have noticed (or maybe you haven't which is okay too) I don't wear much black at all. If I do it's usually just one piece like a coat or boots or a shirt, but I almost never wear ALL black from head to toe. The reason for this is not because I don't like the look (on the contrary I love it), but because I just never felt like it worked for my personality. It just tends to look very serious and I am just not a very serious girl usually. Despite this feeling, I decided to try something new for this post and I gotta say...ya girl is into it, okay? I still don't think I will ever be someone who wears all black all the time, but I am definitely feeling more confident about playing around with it more often. I like to think Wednesday Addams would be proud of me and that's enough for me to keep this thing going. For this look, I wore my favorite hoodie of all time. I believe I mentioned this the last time I wore it, but I love that it doesn't have the strings at the neck that most hoodies have. It just gives it a more chic vibe in my opinion. I paired it with black skinny jeans, black kitten heel booties, and round sunnies. A super simple look that also makes you look effortlessly cool. All links (or similar) are listed below! Tootles sugar plums! Xoxo

Outfit Deetz:

Coat: H&M (similar option here)

Hoodie: H&M

Jeans: Madewell

Booties: Everlane (on sale!!)

Sunglasses: Quay Australia (Similar here)

Purse: Chanel

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