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Updated Rory Gilmore

Hi friends! Welcome back! We are finally getting fully into the swing of fall looks over here and I am beyond excited about it. I know this is gonna sound a bit dramatic but this is the first fall that I feel like I don't need to buy an entirely new wardrobe to fit in with the fashion girls. Don't get me wrong, I've definitely purchased a few new pieces (like this perfect cable knit sweater that we'll get into in a second) but, in my defense, they're all staple items that I'll be wearing for years to come. I made a promise to myself that I would stop focusing on trends and go back to the basics. It just so happens that a lot of the trends this season seem to fall in line with my everyday personal style and what I already own in my closet. You see what happens when you stop trying so hard and just do you? Everything works out the way it should.

Okay, so about this sweater. I'm a 90s girl and 90s fashion will forever be undefeated, in my opinion, so when I came across this sweater I instantly felt the nostalgia of watching a 90s romantic comedy where the lead actress is impeccably dressed in jeans and an oversized cable knit sweater. I had to have it. Yikes, the amount of times I just said 90s made me cringe a little. Anyway, it was unfortunately sold out at first, but after a little relentless stalking of the website, it finally came back and I purchased it immediately. I try not to impulse shop anymore, but I wouldn't exactly call this an impulse purchase because I had about 2 weeks to think about it while I waited for it to come back in stock. Needless to say, I have no regrets because it is absolutely perfect and I will be wearing it every chance I get. Since we're at that weird point of the year where the weather is all over the place, I opted for a look that, believe it or not, I have never tried before: shorts and a sweater. I've always felt like if it's cold enough to wear a sweater then it's probably too cold for shorts and if it's warm enough for shorts then it's probably too warm for a sweater. Turns out I was wrong because this outfit worked out perfectly for the temperature. I finished off the look with a pair of knee high boots and I felt like it was giving a cool mix of Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. A resounding YES from me. Details are listed below. Until next time, tootles sugar plums! Xoxo.

Outfit Deetz:

Sweater: Princess Polly-size M/L (almost sold out. Similar options here.)

Shorts: Dissh-size US4 similar options here as well)

Boots: Schutz-true to size

Purse: Louis Vuitton (you can also get a pre-loved version here)

Sunnies: Ray-Ban

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