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Testing, Testing...

Hi friends, welcome back! This week's post is gonna be a shorter one because I'm trying something a little different. I had every intention of going out and shooting a look like I do every weekend, however this weekend I just wasn't feeling it. On Saturday we ended up having a busier day than we thought, so I figured we would shoot the photos on Sunday instead. Then Sunday rolled around and it snowed all morning/early afternoon and by the time it stopped I just had no desire to take pictures outside anymore. Plus, if I'm being completely honest, I'm a little over wearing coats. Please do not judge me. I know I've gone on and on about how much I love coats and layering all fall and winter, and I meant it. It's just that it's gotten to a point where I feel like we're all wearing the same outfits over and over again and I'm just ready for a change.

Anyway, since I didn't feel like going outside, we decided to try experimenting with Jason's cool professional lighting equipment and take some inside shots. This is the result! I love how these photos came out, so I'm definitely going to shoot some more indoor looks in the future. There isn't anything too exciting to report, outfit-wise, but I did just get this sweatshirt recently and it might possibly be my favorite sweatshirt ever. It is so soft and cozy and the balloon sleeves make it a little bit more luxe than the average sweatshirt. Excuse me while I buy it in every color and then cry about all the money I unnecessarily spent. Outfit details are listed below. Until next time, tootles sugar plums! Xoxo.

Outfit Deetz:

Sweatshirt: Storets (S/M)

Belt: Asos (this one is super old but here's a similar option)

Jeans: H&M (sold out but here's a similar pair)

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