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Spring Layers

Hi friends! Welcome back! I feel like every year I get excited about spring weather because, as much as I love cold weather, I'm always over it by February. Usually when spring is on the horizon, we start getting teases of warm weather which makes us all want to immediately ditch our coats and bring out our shorts. Right? No? Just me? Well, anyway, those little teaser days are just that. Teasers. We had a solid week of really nice 60-70 degree days a couple weeks ago and then all of a sudden it's winter again. It literally snowed just yesterday and today it's 30 degrees. You would think I would be used to this since this is the case every single year, but nope. Somehow, time and time again, I convince myself that once March rolls around the cold will be gone for good. Then I'm annoyed and confused as to why I still find myself needing to layer up outside. It's a vicious cycle really.

Luckily, despite my exasperation about the lingering cold temperatures, there are some layering pieces I am always happy to style, one of them being the beloved trench coat. I've said this many times before but, if you're new here, I have a very important piece of styling advice for you. Invest in at least one really good quality trench coat. During times like these when you're over the cold, but can't quite ditch coats all together yet, a trench coat will be your best friend. The same can be said for transitioning from summer to winter when you're ready to start layering, but it's still a little too warm. They're lightweight enough to be comfortable on slightly warmer days, but also good to throw on when it's a bit chillier out. I like to size up by a size or two to make room for layering underneath. On colder spring days, it's important for me to still feel like it's spring, while not freezing my bum off so here's where the spring layers come in.

I am dedicated to wearing lots of colors this season so I wanted to create an outfit that allowed me to do that, while still keeping somewhat warm. I knew I was going to wear one of my trench coats, but I also knew that I would need at least one other layer underneath. I scoured through my closet to see what would work and came across my trusty vintage Levi's jacket. Nothing says spring quite like a denim jacket. Then, I decided I wanted to style some of the colorful new pieces I picked up from Primark recently so I threw those together and thus this, layered but still very springy, look was born. Not bad if I do say so myself.

All outfit details are listed below. Until next time, tootles sugar plums! Xoxo.

Outfit Deetz:

Trench: Lattelier- size small

Denim Jacket: Vintage Levi's (basically the same one here)- I sized up to a large for an oversized fit

Tank top: Primark (purchased in stores. Similar here and here)

Jeans: Primark (purchased in stores. Similar here)

Purse: Primark (purchased in stores. Similar here)

Shoes: Zara (from last year. Similar here)

Sunnies: Quay Australia (similar here)

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