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Small Town Jeans

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

If there is one thing anyone who knows me can tell you with full certainty, it's that I'm obsessed with high waisted jeans and I will wear them for almost all occasions if possible. So, for my first official style post I wanted to incorporate my favorite item of clothing into my look. We chose a couple of cool areas in my hometown to shoot and got to work!

It was about 85 degrees this day and if you're like me, you don't want anything touching any of your body parts when it's hot. So, I went with my all time favorite Agolde jeans that are great for warm days. They aren't super tight initially and they even stretch out a bit as the day goes by, which is a good thing during the summer months. I'm sure a lot of you ladies own, or have owned, a pair of 100% cotton jeans that cause an extreme amount of discomfort as they cut into your pancreas when you sit down. This is only made worse by the fact that you can't unbutton your pants in public and your shirt is tucked in, so there's nothing you can do but sit there in agony waiting for the day to end...well these babies, though they are 100% cotton, are super comfortable in the waist. Basically, they're the best jeans ever so I suggest you do yourself a favor and buy a pair!

I paired these jeans with a lightweight tee from Missguided, round sunnies from Quay Australia, cute shell hair pins from Zara, a round rattan purse from Amazon and my go-to pair of Lucky Brand espadrille wedges. Unfortunately, I got my wedges in Canada a few years ago but here is a very similar option!

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