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Lemon Drop

Hi friends! Welcome back! One of my favorite looks right now is an oversized tee with jeans/denim shorts. What I love about this look is that it's so understated that you can wear sneakers or flats to run errands, and then you can quickly transform your look to effortlessly chic by simply swapping out your sneakers for heels (I prefer a square or pointed toe). I'm constantly looking for new wearable, realistic & fun ways to style my denim. For me, this fits the bill on all fronts. I find myself getting sucked into wanting to recreate some of the over-the-top outfits I see other fashion girls wearing on social media, but it's important for me to showcase outfits that I would and do actually wear in real life. The reality is that my current lifestyle is very casual. All of the places I go don't require anything fancier than jeans and a nice top, which is perfect for me because that's my favorite outfit combo when it comes to going out.

Jason and I went to brunch at one of our favorite restaurants this past Saturday and this is exactly what I wore (minus the hat). After brunch, we decided to go for a walk along the water so I switched out my shoes for a pair of Birkenstocks and still felt stylish, while also being comfortable enough to walk for a while. This is probably a given, but here's a pro tip for you guys in case comfort is ever an issue: if you're heading somewhere that requires heels, ALWAYS bring a spare pair of comfortable shoes with you to change into in the car. You might not need them, but in the chance that you end up somewhere that isn't conducive to wearing heels, you'll be extremely grateful you thought ahead. Part of the reason I love denim looks so much is because of how easy it is to switch out your shoes and still remain fashionable, since jeans go with every single type of shoe you can think of. Also, a sweater over the shoulders is not only cute but, more importantly, it's convenient for the springtime weather when it inevitably gets chilly at night.

**All outfit details are listed below. Until next time, tootles sugar plums! Xoxo.

Outfit Deetz:

Sweatshirt: Bought at a small shop in Cape May (similar here)

Tee: Zara

Jeans: Custom vintage Levi's by Ali Grace (similar here)

Hat: Free People (sold out unfortunately)

Sunnies: Ray-Ban

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