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Hakuna Matata

Hii friends! Welcome back! Jason and I went to the Six Flags Drive-Thru Safari about a week ago and it was awesome. I have a serious love for zoos and safaris so being able to experience it while in the comfort of our own car was perfect. I flooded my insta stories with an obnoxious amount of videos of animals doing animal things and I feel no shame about it whatsoever. It's always really nice to find fun, safe, stress-free activities to do during this time. Since mask wearing isn't something everyone feels the need to do unfortunately, I feel more compelled to find things to do that don't require me to come in contact with anyone. I can't believe we're living in a time where the scariest thing in the world to me right now is dealing with people. The best we can do is create some sort of normalcy (whatever that means to you) so that we don't all go insane.

So I came across an influencer that sells these super cool handmade t-shirts and crewneck sweatshirts with designer label prints and I needed them in my life. I ordered a few pieces from her, including this tee which was really fitting for a day at the safari. They're super affordable and the quality is amazing. I am currently patiently waiting for her next restock because I plan on living in these. I styled this one with black mom shorts and my new favorite sandals. Okay really, how cute are these sandals? I was doing my weekly browse through the "new-in" section on Zara's website and these stopped me right in my tracks. Of course I impulsively ordered them because I have a problem. They are just as beautiful in person so no regrets here. They're a unique style but still look perfect paired with almost any look. All outfit details are be listed below. Catch ya next week sugar plums! Xoxo

Outfit Deetz:

Tee: SimplyStephJaye (sold out but if you follow her on instagram, she announces when she'll be restocking!)

Shorts: Zara

Sandals: Zara


Top: Amazon

Middle: Madewell

Bottom: Custom Made by Kimiya

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