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Flannel Fever

Hi friends! Welcome back! It's been a while since I've complained about the weather and I'm sure you all have missed it so here we go. Over the last couple of weeks we have had the perfect fall weather. If you know anything about me by now, then you know how happy that makes me. All of a sudden we've been hit with spring temps and as weird as this might sound, I'm irritated. My brain has completely shut itself off to creating outfits for any temperature above 60 degrees. I can't be the only one. Thankfully, I've been on a flannel purchasing binge in the last month so this was the perfect weather to style one of them without having to wear any layers on top of it.

So let's talk flannels. Oddly enough, I've only owned a couple of flannels in my life and have only worn them for events like Oktoberfest. I never cared for them much until recently. What I realized is that it's not that I dislike them, in fact, I love them. The problem is that I am super picky about the material, print, size/length & color of flannels. I already explained this bit on my Instagram stories a few weeks ago, but in case you're not on Insta, I'll explain here. The material needs to be thick (isn't that the point of a flannel?). The plaid print can't be too small. The size has to be oversized enough for me to comfortably wear hoodies underneath and long enough to completely cover the bum. Lastly, I'm not into any of the funky colors that flannels tend to come in like green, turquoise, purple, etc. To explain further, I'm going to do something a little different with this week's post. Instead of just linking the flannel that I'm wearing, I'm also going to link a few others that I have purchased/love. I styled this one with my favorite Levi's, a tank bodysuit, boots, and an Adidas cap. As simple as this look is, it's one of my favorites to date. Keep scrolling for all outfit details as well as my flannel picks. Until next time, tootles sugar plums! Xoxo.

Outfit Deetz:

Flannel: Shein - size large

Bodysuit: Zara - size xs-s

Jeans: Levi's - size w24/l30

Boots: Zara - True to size

Hat: Amazon

*Click the pictures below for links to the exact item!

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