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Dream Jeans

Hi friends! Welcome back! It is officially October. One of my favorite months of the year. Literally every month from September-December is my favorite. As much as some of you guys might be summer lovers, you just can't deny the excitement that fall and winter festivities bring. I mean you can try, but I won't believe you. I'm already frantically trying to put together our Halloween costumes. Anyway, as I mentioned in last week's post, September was a super busy month so we didn't get to do any cute fall activities. This month we made it our mission to do as much as we can. What better way to start than with a winery? Nothing better than a nice bottle of wine and a good live band on a crisp fall day. Visiting wineries/breweries is one of our most loved things to do so this was the perfect way to kick off the start of our fall fun!

How sick are you of me going on and on about jeans? If you're over it then I don't know what to tell you because my addiction will never die. Every time I think I finally have enough pairs, I see another that I convince myself is different from all 50 of my other pairs. 50 might be an exaggeration, but it also might not be. I haven't counted but if I had to guess...don't judge. These really ARE different. In the last several months, I've noticed a bunch of the influencers I follow on Instagram wearing the most perfect fitting vintage Levi's. All different styles, but all a perfect fit. When I checked the tags I realized they were all custom made by the same person so you know what I had to do. After months of deciding (because they are quite pricey), I decided I needed a pair in my life so I jumped at the opportunity to order a pair the next time she opened up custom orders. She did NOT disappoint. All you have to do is choose your wash and send her your exact measurements (she has a guide on her website that tells you exactly which parts to measure). You can even send her inspo pictures to give her an idea of how you want the jeans to fit. There are also other little specifications you can choose from to give you your desired fit. One thousand percent worth the money if you ask me. Keep in mind that she does make these by hand using vintage Levi's so your pair is going to look worn but that just adds to the vintage-y goodness of it. If you're someone who struggles with finding jeans that fit you perfectly, I wouldn't hesitate to make the splurge and order a pair. This is probably the longest I've rambled about one article of clothing but that's how you know how passionate I feel about these. Anyway, for their first outing, I styled them with my go-to look: a bodysuit, jacket, & booties. Can't go wrong in my book. All outfit details are listed below. Until next time, tootles sugar plums! Xoxo

Outfit Deetz:

Jacket:Zara (this one is from last year, but here is a similar option)

Bodysuit: Zara (also from last year. Here is a similar option)

Jeans: aligrace (custom made)

Boots: Zara (super old, but here is an identical pair)

Purse: Chanel

Sunnies: Amazon

Belt: Asos

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