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Do You Even Know That Band?

Hi friends! Welcome back! This week's look is definitely a different one for me. I think my favorite thing about starting this blog, aside from sharing fun styling ideas with you guys, has been seeing my style evolve in the last year. I’ve never really be able to identify my style in one specific way. What I wear depends solely on how I feel that day. This can range from a nice dress (let’s be honest, this is a very rare occasion) to a full blown sweat set (more likely). Even so, I have always played things pretty safe when it came to outfit choices. I wouldn’t say that I am super adventurous now, but I do feel like I am a bit more willing to step outside of my comfort zone than I was a year ago. This outfit is a good example of that.

This Nirvana t-shirt is probably my favorite tee of all time. It is an extremely oversized and distressed dream. I plan to live in it for the rest of my life. No exaggeration. There are so many cool ways to style it that makes it look different with each wear. It is long enough to wear as a dress with knee/thigh high boots & perfect for tucking into jeans/pants or in this case, leather leggings! If you’ve seen this on a million girls and are wondering why, there’s your answer. I have been on the hunt for leather leggings for a while. After seeing these on a bunch of influencers I knew this was the pair I needed. They are the perfect fit and don’t lose their shape at all no matter how much you bend and sit throughout the day. I loved styling these two awesome pieces together to create a simple and undeniably cool look. All outfit details are listed below. Until next time, tootles sugar plums! Xoxo.

Outfit Deetz:

Turtleneck: Mango (currently sold out but you can signup for the restock notification)

Leather leggings: Topshop

Boots: Zara

Purse: Mango (currently sold out but you can sign up for the restock notification)

Sunglasses: Amazon

Necklace: Mango (sold out but here is a similar option)

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