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Creamy Neutrals

Hi friends! Welcome back! Full transparency, I started this year off feeling extremely motivated and inspired and ready to take on the world. That lasted about a week before I started to get overwhelmed by my own motivation when I realized that all of the goals and aspirations I have for this new year weren't going to happen overnight. Honestly, I have no idea where to even start. It's an extremely defeating feeling that bled into my blogging to the point where I almost decided not to even bother posting anything this week. I just felt a little like, "What's the point?" You know? I'm sure we all feel like this sometimes but what's important is being able to pick yourself up and just keep swimming no matter how pointless it might seem in that moment. So, here I am with another look for you guys!

I realized I haven't styled this coat since last winter and it's still a favorite of mine so I decided to bring her back out, along with some other favorites that have been collecting dust in my closet over the last year. I have loved these boots since I bought them about 4 or 5 years ago and I can't believe I haven't worn them yet this winter. They are surprisingly super easy to style, given the print, and extremely comfortable. I went with some light, "creamy neutrals" to pull it all together and I'm proud of how this all turned out despite my reluctance to even bother creating a look for this week at all. Don't ever doubt yourself guys! You're more talented and capable than you know even if your mind is trying to trick you into thinking otherwise. Until next time, tootles sugar plums! Xoxo.

Outfit Deetz:

Coat: Mango -size small

Sweater: Princess Polly -size M/L

Scarf: Old Navy (sold out, but here are similar options)

Jeans: Primark (got these in store last spring. Here are similar options)

Boots: Zara (super old, but here are similar pairs)

Sunnies: Amazon

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