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Chocolate Cake

Hi everyone! Welcome back! Remember a few blog posts ago when I talked about the "taboo" brown and black combo? Well I've fully dove into it and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite color combos for the fall/winter, specifically chocolate brown. It reminds me of a chocolate cake and who doesn't like chocolate cake right? It's me. I don't like chocolate cake, but that's besides the point. Most people do and if it works for food then why not clothes?

I recently ordered this sweatshirt and beanie set from a new brand started by one of the influencers I follow on Instagram. I love supporting influencers who start their own clothing businesses. The pieces are always unique and fun and I am always looking to add pieces to my wardrobe that aren't from Zara or H&M for a change. I loved the color of this set and also felt like I really related to the quote so the purchase was a no-brainer for me. Speaking of H&M, I bought this coat to replace my old belted wool coat. It served me many years but unfortunately it just got to a point where it was too dingy looking to wear anymore. I hadn't had a chance to wear this new one yet, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to break it out and style a cute, casual brown and black look. *Fun Fact: I don't think I have ever worn a beanie in my life. Possibly when I was a kid, but definitely not since I can remember. This pandemic has somehow turned me into a girl that willingly wears hats and I have to say I'm loving this new evolved Jamila. My cold ears are loving her too. All outfit details are listed below! Until next time, tootles sugar plums! Xoxo.

Outfit Deetz:

Coat: H&M (this exact one is sold out but here is a similar option.

Turtleneck: Mango (currently sold out but you can sign up for the restock here)

Jeans: Madewell

Boots: Zara

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