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Beanie Baby

Hi friends! Welcome back! I’m back with another sunny, head-turning look. Both of last week’s and this week’s looks made me feel like I could take on the world and it can’t be a coincidence that both outfits included bright colors. It’s so easy to get lost in what everyone else is doing or wearing that I sometimes forget why I even started sharing my looks in the first place. When everyone was living for colorful looks last spring/summer I was so excited to finally feel like I could showcase my true personality through my looks. Then came the fall and everyone was back to minimal, neutral outfits. Now, don’t get me wrong, I loved the 90’s minimalism, but there were times where I wanted to wear something loud and dramatic, but felt weird due to the fact that it seemed like no one else was. One of my main goals in 2023 is to let go of self doubt or (as we’re calling it these days) imposter syndrome. It’s the “what makes me so special?” or the “why me?” Well, the answer is: why not you? What makes us so special is that we’re all unique and creative and talented in our own ways. There’s enough room in every industry for all of us to share whatever it is that makes us stand out and feel confident. For me, that’s wearing whatever color I feel like wearing in whatever season even when it seems like everyone else is sticking to neutrals.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten my Tuesday afternoon pep talk out of the way, let’s get into this look! This outfit is a personal favorite for a few reasons. First of all, if it involves the color pink, I’m a happy girl. I got this beanie from the Strand Bookstore website and it’s the best beanie I own. It’s lined with fleece on the inside so it keeps my head and ears extra nice and warm on cold days. Second, this coat was the number one item on my Christmas wishlist and my honey got it for me! I desperately wanted a good quality black, mostly wool, long oversized coat that I could wear over and over every winter. After perusing the internet for a while, I came across this gem and knew it was the one. What I love about it is that it’s wide rather than straight. I’m naturally pretty thin so I tend to gravitate toward wider/more boxy styles when it comes to coats/jackets, blazers, sweaters and shirts. I just feel like it gives me a little more shape. The last and most obvious reason is the denim aspect. Give me all the denim all the time. I’ve fully given up on trying to resist the urge to style every outfit idea I have with something other than jeans. I feel my best in jeans so that’s what I’m going to wear 99% of the time. I mean, at this point, I consider myself a denim styling expert. I might as well write a book. Just kidding. Or am I? No, I really am. I don’t have the patience or brain capacity for that. All outfit details are listed below. My apologies because, in my attempt to spend less and wear more of what I already own, most of the items listed are sold out. I’ll link similar options as always though. Until next time, tootles sugar plums! Xoxo.

Outfit Deetz:

Coat: COS - small (this is low in stock but they do seem to keep restocking so keep checking back if you want it! Also, here are some similar options)

Denim shirt: H&M (a couple years old. Here are similar options)

Sweater: Zara (sold out, but here are similar options)

Jeans: Aligrace (custom made vintage Levi's. Sign up for her mailing list to be notified when when she opens customs.)

Shoes: Zara (sold out, but here are similar pairs)

Beanie: Strand Bookstore (also a similar and even more budget friendly option here. I own this one too and love it!)

Sunnies: Ray-Ban

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