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Beach More, Worry Less

Hi friends! Happy blog day! It is officially summer and while things are definitely different this year, I'm excited to make the best out of it. I'm surprised at how hot it is outside already considering it's still June. As much as I love summer activities like outdoor brunches and beach days, I'm also someone who starts complaining about the sun and heat after 20 minutes of being in it. As soon as I feel one drop of sweat I'm ready to go inside and stay there. We bought a beach tent which was honestly one of the best purchases we could have made. It solves my problem of not wanting to be out in the sun for too long while also creating a barrier for people who refuse to wear masks and/or stay 6ft apart. It made our beach experience completely stress free.

This week's outfit features all the staple items you need for a photo ready cute beach/pool day look. You should write this down or screen shot it because I'm about to change your life. Jk, but seriously here's what you'll need: a big & roomy straw beach bag, denim cut off shorts (Levi's are always classic), a coverup of your choice (oversized white button down, flowy trousers/shorts, sarong, etc.), your favorite UV protected sunglasses, sunblock (I use SPF 100 because I don't mess around when it comes to sun protection) & chapstick. I didn't mention shoes because let's be honest, we're all just wearing the same Old Navy flip flops in whatever color matches with our outfit that day. I got this swimsuit about a month ago and this was my first time wearing it. Two words: buy it! Super cute, comfortable and the price is unbeatable. The "crinkle" bathing suit trend is really big this season and I am definitely a fan. I feel like the texture adds a little something extra to what would otherwise be a plain swimsuit. If you would have told me 5 years ago that I would be choosing swimsuits over bikinis, I would have told you that you're crazy. My style has 100% turned into that of a mom from the 90's and I'm loving it. All outfit links (or similar) will be linked below. Until next time sugar plums. Tootles! Xoxo

Outfit Deetz:

Swimsuit: H&M

Shirt: Gap

Shorts: Levis (old, but here is a similar pair)

Sunglasses: Amazon

Earrings: Stolen from my mom. Here is a similar option.


- Choker: Amazon

- Pearl Necklace: I got these as a gift yearsss ago but here is an identical option!

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29 jun 2020

I flipping love everything about this post! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and styling tips in such an easy-to-read and enjoyable way! I felt like your girlfriend hanging out as I read this :). Also, I'll definitely be bringing a nice oversized button down next beach trip!

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