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Bathing Suit, Bodysuit...Same Thing

Welcome back amigos! Hope everyone had a great weekend. 4th of July was a bit different this year for obvious reasons. With all that's going on this year we decided to lay low and take it easy. We did some grilling on our George Foreman grill, made cocktails, and took pics at random locations to make it look like we did something. It was wonderful!

So I bought these sun glasses because I wanted a pair of white ones and then it gave me the cutest idea for an outfit which was inspired by retro vintage swimwear. I styled them with a swim suit, my new favorite mid-thigh denim shorts, and white sneakers. I love that swim suits can also double as a bodysuit. If you're hanging out at the pool/ beach during the day you can just throw on shorts, a skirt, pants, any bottom really, and you have a full outfit for dinner. Unfortunately we didn't go to a pool or beach this weekend but we did find a cute little marina to take pics on so that I could feel like a stylish 1950s lady ready to lay out on a boat and read my vogue magazine. All outfit links are listed below and everything I'm wearing is in stock for once! Until next time sugar plums, tootles! Xoxo.

Outfit Deetz:

Swimsuit: Zara

Shorts: Dissh

Sneakers: Amazon

Sunglasses: Amazon

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