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Spring Denim Styling

Hi friends! Welcome back! I decided to do something a little bit different for this week's post. Instead of the usual single outfit post, I thought it might be fun to switch things up. As you all know, I am a denim lover through and through. It is the article of clothing that I feel the most "me" in. You guys have seen me style jeans countless times at this point, but this time I wanted to show you my top 3 favorite ways to style jeans for the spring featuring my favorite agolde jeans. These looks are guaranteed to make you look like the most effortlessly stylish person in the room. Keep scrolling to read the breakdown of my top 3 spring outfit formulas! I'll link everything I'm wearing (or similar) above each photo.

You guys know there is no way there wasn't going to be a blazer included in this post. Blazers are perfect because they can take you through almost all of the seasons due to the various materials they come in. In the winter, you can opt for a heavier material like wool, and in the spring, you can choose a lighter material like cotton or linen. This gorgeous pink one is 100% cotton and it is my favorite blazer to wear on repeat when it's slightly warm out, but not too hot. It is super flowy and breathable without being shapeless. I love my blazers oversized, but I also need them to have shape and structure. This one is perfect in every way. I am normally a bodysuit kind of girl, but for this look I went for a basic white sports bra which I'm calling a bralette because it sounds better and because my ladies don't fit into actual bralettes. Just go with it. I finished it off with a pair of white strappy heeled sandals. Let me tell you guys right now, strappy heeled sandals will be your best friend during the warmer months. Invest in a few pairs in a few different colors and just throw them on with any outfit. Trust me.

So this one is super basic, but it is also a guaranteed stylish look with almost no effort at all. As I mentioned in previous blog posts, I have accumulated quite the collection of oversized button downs in the last year and I have no regrets about any that I have purchased. I have them in just about every color you can think of and they have been my go-to items to throw on with jeans when I can't figure out what to wear. What I love about them is how versatile they are. You can wear them completely tucked in, tucked in on one side, tucked in only in the front, buttoned and loose over your jeans, unbuttoned with shirt underneath...the list goes on. That actually gives me an idea for a future blog post. Stay tuned for that! For this look, I went with this yellow linen blend beauty that I purchased last summer and I styled it with my orange mules. Pro tip* if you're looking for a way to spruce up an otherwise bland outfit, try playing with some bright fun colors this spring/summer. Don't be shy about it. Most colors look good together as long as you don't over do it.

Last, but not least, the coveted trench coat. I saved this one for last because it is the easiest and most universal look when it comes to spring styling. Trench coats are great for the cooler days in spring. Most of them are made from the same material (usually cotton) which is great for spring days that are just chilly enough that you need a light layer over whatever shirt you have on. When I wear any sort of jacket in the spring, I like to keep the layers underneath to a minimum so that it feels more like spring, if that makes sense. Sweaters and sweatshirts make me feel like it's still fall/winter so I tend to go for bodysuits or t-shirts in the spring instead. My shoe of choice for this look is flats or loafers. They're stylish, comfortable, and a good alternative to sneakers if you're planning on doing some walking but still want to feel chic and put together.

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